Energy Efficiency

VA Engenharia is certified to carry out Energy Efficiency Projects - ANEEL, with the energy suppliers in Brazil. The purpose of these projects is to replace low performance equipment with more efficient equipment, thus achieving energy efficiency and reduction in energy consumption. The projects make it possible to reduce by up to 66% the final use of energy. They can be planned based on the needs of each company. Opportunities to reduce consumption and project feasibility are detected. Some Energy Efficiency Projects are:

  • Public and private LED lighting system;
  • Internal and external LED lighting system replacement;
  • Conventional motors for green motors replacement and automation;
  • Photovoltaic systems;
  • Air conditioning system (split and central);
  • Solar heating systems;
  • Hospital equipment suitability.
  • The Energy Efficiency Projects are financed up to 100% by energy suppliers throughout Brazil. For companies or entities that qualify as non-refundable, all investment is received in the form of a donation. Other institutions return this investment without interest, monthly, for electricity consumption reduction, that is, there is no need to use financial resources.

Energy efficiency projects, aims to reduce lighting costs by replacing conventional lamps and reflectors with LED, motors, photovoltaic system, cooling (VRF), solar heating and hospital equipment.

The best and most economical solutions for cost reduction.