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Volts Ampere Engineering - VA Engineering  We are an energy management company, specializing in the design, installation and efficient operation of traditional and alternative energy 

VA Engineering specializes in both the production, and the efficient use of energy. Photovoltaic system installations (solar power generation), free market energy management, AS Built qualified. NR10 and NR12 health and safety certifications. Electrical systems analysis and protection, efficiency analysis owater system motor pumps, power quality analysis and reactive energy correction (capacitor banks), substation construction, design, and the maintenance of grid connections. 

We focus on providing innovative solutions for both your sustainable energy, and the efficient use of electricity. 

With ESCO and EVO certifications (Efficiency Valuation Organization) we are able to participate and develop energy efficiency projects for the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL), together with the regional energy suppliers in Brazil. 


To offer solutions in technology, management and rational use of electric energy, contributing to sustainable development through clean energy.


To be a national reference in innovative solutions for sustainable energy.


  • Ethics in all relationships and operations;
  • Commitment to sustainability and occupational safety;
  • Ability to understand the client's needs;
  • Respect collaborators;
  • Team work.

Integrated Management System

Volts Ampere Engineering, through its Integrated Management System, is committed to the health and safety of people, environment protection and service quality.

Our commitments:

  • To develop and offer services of Advice and Technology in Electrical Systems and Energy Management of quality, meeting the legal requirements, contractual and client’s needs;
  • Prevent pollution, reducing the generation of solid residues and disposing them correctly;
  • Reduce energy consumption;
  • Promote workers’ consultation and participation in actions to eliminate dangers and reduce health and safety risks;
  • Stimulate the continuous improvement and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System's performance, through the objectives and goals defined in the strategic planning and monitoring the system's indicators, ensuring the sustainability of the business.

ISO Certifications

VA Engineering is ISO certified to ISO: 



Located in Sorocaba/SPwe have strategically open branches in other states of Brazil for better assistance of our customers.