Protection Selectivity and Coordination

Our professionals are specialized in electrical engineering, offering the study service of selectivity, coordination and protection for electrical installations of all sizes. The selectivity, coordination and protection studies consist in verifying the efficiency of the electrical protections of a system, in order to confirm the adequacy of the sized protections to the reality of the system. From the results, it is possible to guarantee the effectiveness of the protection and the safety of the installations as a whole. The system protection is performed by a set of equipment, the main ones being: Transformers, circuit breakers and relays. Transformers serve to allow relays to compare the current and voltage of the system, while relays compare the observed value with its setting value, and when identifying any abnormality they trigger the circuit-breaker that disconnects from the system the element where the error was registered. The efficiency of the electrical protection of a plant is fundamental to reduce the maintenance time, to reduce the risk of damage to the electrical installations and also to avoid any threat to peolpe's integrity.